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Railex USA

Project Size:
200,000 sq. ft.

Facility Type:
Produce Distribution Facility

Wallula, WA

When Railex of Riverhead, New York, was looking for a design+build company capable of building the western terminal for their company, they were referred to Fisher & Sons. With Fisher, they found the ingenuity and experience needed to design and construct this innovative project.

Operating hub facilities linking the agricultural areas of the Pacific Northwest, California’s Central Valley with the highly populated Eastern seaboard, Railex offers a new approach to produce distribution. The cross-country system is a cost-effective solution, bringing farm products to markets over 2,500 miles away.

The state-of-the-art 200,000 sq. ft. refrigerated facility with attached office is built over a railroad spur, allowing temperature-controlled train cars to pull through the building, loading shipments in temperature-controlled bays. Product is delivered to the facility by truck, off-loaded via one of the 37 loading docks feeding into the facility.

Through enhanced logistics and inventory control, the company is able to guarantee five day coast-to-coast delivery. Customers have an added benefit of receiving carbon credits for using fuel-saving transportation to send their goods to market.

"When we were referred to Fisher & Sons, I knew immediately that I had found the right partner for this unique project.  We were looking for a Design/Build firm with experience constructing refrigerated facilities.  I could tell immediately that this group would know exactly what it would take to build such an unusual facility, and I was right."

Richard Isreal, Real Estate Manager
Railex LLC
Riverhead, NY